The Ethical Vampire series

Susan Hubbard

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The three books of the Ethical Vampire series have been published in more than fifteen countries.

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"Elusive, complex, poetic and sophisticated." Margot Adler, NPR

The Ethical Vampire Series
"If you are looking for an alternative to Twilight, I'd strongly encourage you to check out Susan Hubbard's series. These books present vampires without all the shirtless flexing.

Hubbard, a professor of English at the University of Central Florida, has proven that a novel can be entertaining and literary at the same time. Her gift for language is reflected on every page with her fluid descriptions of places, thoughts, and feelings that never seem to get bogged down by cliche or overly flowery prose. And yet she still manages to present complex stories with intriguing characters without mixing High School Musical and the supernatural...."

--Brian Fitzpatrick, SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER July 26

"Anyone still lingering under the misconception that academics can't compete in the majors would be well advised to pick up either of Hubbard's novels, which combine the creepiness of Stephen King with the acute social commentary of the Beats, Philip K. Dick and Don Delillo. It's a heady mix; then again, so is our society today."

Jay MacDonald,